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Creative Optimization Google UAC and Facebook Ads

Today’s guest is a user acquisition expert with experience running campaigns for the social casino game category. You’re about to discover a trick for running Google UAC keyword campaigns and how to optimize Facebook ads.

Mobile Game Retention With My 11-Year-Old Son

Coming up, want to know the features that will make an 11-year-old with very little attention span come back to your mobile game? Well I have my son, Noah, to break down want he looks for in mobile games. I have to say he’s pretty darn smart.

App Store Optimization Marketing Tips From ASO Experts

My top tip for ASO publishers today is to roll with the punches on keyword ranks in the App Store >>> Don’t Kill Yourself Over One Keyword. Sometimes you try so hard to optimize for a particular keyword – you’ve tried it in your keywords field, then your subtitle or even your title – and you STILL can’t rank high enough to be seen by users (i.e. position less than 8 for most keywords, or greater than 25 for very large keywords). This experience can be frustrating, yes but you’re not alone in that regard.

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